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Although metals have the image of hardness, I have sought the softness by crocheting very thin silver wire to create the desired shape, and then I created a thin coat of glass by using the Shippo (Japanese Enamel process) technique.
Shippo Art is usually used to draw pictures on the silver or copper plates, but I am using Shippo technique to achieve this effect.
The colors of Shippo that shine through the crochet are very charming, and, as an added bonus, the silver wires were strengthened by the Shippo process and were prevented from oxidation.

Pebble Series

In the "Pebble" series, the objects represent the river and the pebbles that were rounded to their pretty shape by the nature.

  • Pebble Series 1
  • Pebble Serries 2
  • Pebble Series 3

Japan Series

I have sought to create the shape to express Japanese Charm by using the soft square shape of Japan, the traditional graphic patterns, and the detail by the gold leaf.

  • Japan Series 1
  • Japan Series 2
  • Japan Series 3
  • Japan Series 4

Geometric Shape Series

  • Geometric Shape 1
  • Geometric Shape 2
  • Geometric Shape 3

Bloated Series

  • Bloated 1
  • Bloated 2
  • Bloated 3

From Solid to Gas

I have been working with the geometric shaped jewelry by soldering silver plates together, yet I wanted to introduce soft elements into the object, so I started crochet the silver wire. Usually, crocheting means home crafts, but I wanted to create shaped objects.
These objects show the transition from the strength of geometric shapes to the delicateness of fine silver, gold or copper wires.
I created these objects to express various phases of Dry Ice sublimating.

  • From Solid to Gas 1
  • From Solid to Gas 1
  • From Solid to Gas 3
  • From Solid to Gas 4